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Attention Please!

Do not forget to change the game you are buying, its name, graphics and url targets!

Import your App
Go to File/Import and select your project (1),
Import project together with google play service lib (2),
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Change package id in AndroidManifest.xml :
Change Package ID to be unique, Version, and Version Name to be suitable your App development.
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After changing Package ID into AndroidManifest.xml file you will need to change also in src folder
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Put your new Package ID, same as in AndroidManifest.xml click OK
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On windows that pop out click Continue, and wait to all change appear.
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Change Package ID also in \assets\data\PTModelGeneralSettings.0
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Update Graphics:
Change Icons - In project folder select res/drawable change all icons images, save it in same name.
Change Launch Screen Images - In project folder select assets/default.png and change the launch image, and save it in same name.
Configure Ad Networks:
 Following Ads are display in the App:
• Full Screen Ad on 3-rd game over - AdMob
• Banner Ads on game play, pause screen, game over - AdMob
Configuring Ad Ids:
Go to ProjectFile\assets\data\PTModelGeneralSettings.0
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Update Rate URL:
As soon as your App is published you can take your App URL and make it in game for Review App.
Or you can use add your package id without any empty spaces.
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Update More Game URL

Go to android\assets\data\PTModelObjectButtonUrl.0.attributes and change more game button URL

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Configure Game Center:
Configure Game Service on Developer console:
• Go to Developer console
• Click on Game Service
• Click on Add New App
• Fill all details according to your App
• After click on Get resources to see all ID’s for App ID, Leaderboard ID
• And save the leaderboard ID for the following procedure:
Configure Game center in the application:
Leaderboard ID usually are random letters.
Google Play Game Service ID of your game is random numbers.
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Archive and Distribute:
After all changes that was made in App project was finish and checked, we can proceed to made .apk file for submission.
Right click on project file and click on Export.
On Export window select Android/Export Android Application.
Fill your Keystore details.
Choose where to save finished .apk file.
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